A facial burn can be especially painful and devastating for a burn victim. Burns to the face can cause eyes and eyelids, noses, and ears to be burned off, and can cause irreparable damage to the facial structure. A victim may undergo several surgeries, even by the most skilled plastic surgeon, and never be able to restore their facial structure or features.

Facial burns can be caused by any hot liquid, gas or flame coming into contact with the skin. The severity of the burn can depend on the source of the burn and the length of time the facial skin was exposed to the source. Immediate medical treatment should be sought following a facial burn, to avoid any type of future complications and to keep scarring at a minimum.

Serious medical attention should be sought for any type of burn, especially to the face. Physical therapy may be required to help the victim to recover from more severe facial burns. Facial deformities can cause a lifetime of healing and recovery. If you are a victim of a facial burn, due to someone else’s negligence, please contact Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis and Larsen today for a free consultation with a skilled California facial burn injury attorney.